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Hi, I'm the Grammar Chick.


Are you an indie author about to publish a fiction manuscript or send it off to an agent or publisher?


I am a literary and technically trained freelance editor specializing in line editing (also known as copyediting.) I read through your fiction manuscript line by line, cleaning, polishing, and making suggestions, while keeping your author voice intact.


I focus on syntax (how your sentences are formed), word choice, grammar, and logical outcomes. I make sure you say what you meant to say and help you capture your intended audience.


I have spent my adult life as an editor, and I'm here to offer those skills to you; send out the best possible version of your book and you will give yourself that extra edge by having well-formed, smooth flowing sentences and polished, accurate grammar.


Other editors offer less experience and charge more. Contact me and I'll give you a free edited sample and a quote.



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